Sufi Healing is an ancient and unique prophetic healing method. The Sufis believe healing is an innate gift in every human being, used to self-heal, and heal others. It is a healing process that leads to the inner awakening of the soul. It reintegrates real love into the heart, washing away emotional feelings:

  • Anger may lead to anxiety and heart palpitation.
  • Fear may cause physiological and behavioral changes.
  • Sadness may lead to depression.
  • Worry or overthinking can cause high blood pressure, heart attack, or even stroke.

This healing process works on clearing the layers of ego (nafs), the heart, the soul, and secret from emotional and physical blockages known as childhood or past trauma, unpleasant memories, fear-based defenses, and family lineage issues. Sufi healing effectively addresses the root cause of an imbalance or illness that creates separation with the self and others.

The separation occurs initially at the level of the soul. It then manifests at the heart level, eventually affecting all aspects of the physical body from cellular structure to grossly apparent visible manifestation. All healing happens through the heart because it holds a person’s history and houses Divine Purity, Goodness, Love, Compassion, Forbearance, and Unity. These qualities are at the basis of the human’s original nature. However, the most profound healing occurs at the soul level, where spiritual disease manifests first before it is seen physically.